Mark Lynas and GMO’s

Mark Lynas started his speech off by apologizing for his past where he spent a considerable amount of time bashing GMO’s. Back in 1995, when Mark Lynas first heard about Monsanto’s work with GMO’s, he ran a very successful campaign that banned GMO’s in Europe, Africa, India, and the rest of Asia. But once Mark Lynas started to learn about GMO’s through science, his mind was changed quickly. He started out with some assumptions such as that GMO’s only helped big corporations. One point he brought up is how GMO’s are safer than some more conventional breeding such as mutagenesis.

It is becoming important to be able to grow more food with the growing population and with the same amount of land. This means that we need to be able to produce enough food for the current population but also keep up with it as it continues to increase. And even with the current population, about 800 million people go to bed hungry. A point that stuck with me was when we talked about rainforests and other natural habitats. It made me realize that if we aren’t able to keep up with the population then people might want to chop down the rainforests and use the area for growing food. I am still going to learn about GMO’s but because of the reasons listed above and others Mark Lynas talked about, I am not against the use of GMO’s.

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