Mark Lynas

In Mark Lynas’s Video we are shown two different sides of the battle, over whether GMOs are good or bad. Mark’s opinion originally was through the eyes of someone who was not educated on GMOs and the role that they play in our growing society. After realizing the benefits of GMOs Mark made a full turn-around after he began to understand the work that scientists do to enhance the plants, and is now fully on board with the use of GMOs.

Mark believes that GMOs are potentially the best solution to combat the need for resources as the population of the earth grows. In the year 2050, the population of the earth is expected to be 9.5 billion or more, and all of the food for those people are going to have to be grown on land that is already being used for food products. With the help of GMOs, feeding this number of people is now a possibility.

I personally think that GMOs are a great way to enhance what is already given to us. Crops, after being genetically modified, can yield more, become disease and drought resistant, among many other things. It seems silly for people not to be on board with GMO’s when they not only benefit th producer but also the consumer.

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