Delaware’s Green Industry

Tracy Wootten and Valann Budischak spoke about the Green Industry and Horticulture. They said that back in 2014 Delaware’s Green Industry came in at a whopping $21,774,000. There are many people involved in the Green Industry such as producers, retailers, landscapers/ managers, suppliers and even golf courses like Baywoods. They mentioned that there were two types of horticultural crop groups that they use. For instance, floriculture (bedding/garden plants) and nursery crops (broadleaf evergreens). On the retail end, it helps show people who don’t have much of a backyard, but have a patio, how to make it look nice and decorative without being a plant expert. Landscapers are a huge part to this industry. They do everything from mowing and irrigation to invasive control, fertilization, and the health of the plants. An interesting fact that the ladies spoke about was how most people weren’t spending their money on vacations and etc. they were putting that money towards renovation of backyards.

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