Mark Lynas and GMO’s

To start off the video, Lynas wastes no time apologizing for talking poorly of GMO’s. He then begins to talk about how he has completely changed his mind, based off of science, and how everyone has their own right to believe what they wish. The main thing he said that interested him was the fact that GMO’s were banned in many countries, therefore he believed they were not good for anyone and were unnatural in anyones diet. His degree in politics didn’t help him in his ability to understand the science world, and it wasn’t until he did his own research and read things on science that he realized the benefits of GMO’s. One of the main factors that changed his mind was how much good GMO’s could do in aiding relief to those that otherwise might not get it. In many countries that don’t have access to proper nutrients and such, it is the development of GMO’s that give the people the proper food they need in order to survive. For Lynas, he realized how important this was and began to see GMO’s in a different light. Lynas realized that many people that were against the idea and use of GMO’s were those that were plentiful in both food and money. It was people of this status that never had to worry about going without the proper nutrients, and because of that Lynas rethought about his take on GMO’s. He now works around the globe in attempts to change peoples minds on GMO’s. Lynas was once a man who went around speaking negatively on the matter, but now he wants to shed light on the subject and the benefits of GMO’s around the world.

I too would’ve said a while back the GMO’s were not beneficial and were against what I believed. However, in my senior year animal science class my teacher had the room debate on GMO’s and why we thought they were ineffective or beneficial to society. It wasn’t until this day that I realized all the other reasons GMO’s need to remain relevant in society. It hit home for me in one of the same ways it hit home for Lynas, the other people. In living with my parents, and growing up in a stable home I never had to worry about food on the table or the resources around me. It was the others however, that I didn’t think about at the time. The families and children in other places that don’t have access to the proper needs benefit so greatly from the use of GMO’s. It allows them to thrive on what they have and gives them an abundance of what they need in the moment. This allows them to grow stronger and continue their lives in happier healthier ways. Therefore, I too have changed my mind on GMO’s, and next time I consider an idea, I will remember to first think of everyone everywhere and how it might effect them.

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