Tracy Wootten and Valann Budischak Lecture

I loved this lecture! Those two women were fun and knowledgeable about the plant industry in Delaware. The industry in Delaware alone is worth $21,774,000! That’s more money than I could ever dream of. The industry consists of producers of plants, retailers who sell the plants, landscapers and land managers, golf course, and suppliers of not only the plants but also equipment. You can grow plants in the field, in green houses and in nurseries. There is also a lot of science that goes into growing plants, not only knowing how much nutrients you have in the soil and how much you need but also breeding plants. There are so many jobs within this industry. You have breeders, growers, researchers, retailers but also accountants, lawyers, communications (extension), and advertising. There is so much that went into this industry that I never considered and it opened my eyes up to some job opportunities after I finish graduate school.

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