Bio Tech- CISPR/ CAS9

What is CRISPR/ CAS9? CISPR/ CAS9 is a gene editing technology that has great potential in the medical and agricultural fields. Scientists are able to customize the genomes of any organism now. By editing DNA, using proteins and RNA, scientists can edit genetics of organisms and in the long run species. Medically, genetic diseases such as cancer or Sickle- Cell Anemia could be cured forever. In the agriculture field editing genetics of plants or live stock could mean more draught resistant and nutritious crops, more meat with the perfect marbling and fat. With a growing population and a prediction of 9-10 billion people on earth by 2050 having food with genetic qualities that makes them more productive with less resources could be really important.

CRISPR/ CAS9 and bio technology in general brings up a moral side. Should we mess with the genetics and evolution of a species? Should it only be used on specific organism, such as a human or dog with cancer? Should it be allowed to be used on populations and species as a whole?

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