Fifer Orchards Field Trip

Our class took a field trip to Fifer Orchards in Camden Wyoming, Delaware. I’ve only really ever gone Apple Picking and I’ve never thought about all the behind the scenes work that is required to make an operation like Fifer’s possible, especially since they have around 3,000 acres today. Bobby Fifer, a 4th generation owner/operator, took time out of his busy day to speak with us and give us a tour of his farm. I learned about how hard it is for them to find labor. Fifer’s is usually needs a lot of workers in the summer and fall since it is their busiest time. Most people need full time work year round. Bobby said that retirees are a good option since they don’t need a full time job and just wants to do something they enjoy and that is helpful. I am grateful Bobby and Curt took time out of their hectic day to speak to us.

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