Agricultural Irrigation with James Adkins

It was surprising to learn about how only 20% of the total farmland in the world is irrigated but that land provides for 40% of the total food supply. In Delaware we see many center pivot systems on farms but only 30% of the farmland in Delaware is irrigated. Much of the irrigated land in Delaware is in Sussex County due to its sandier soils. There are many different methods of irrigation that are used in the United States but around 30 million acres of irrigated land uses flood irrigation. California is one of the biggest users of agricultural irrigation and 43% of its farmland used flood irrigation or other forms of gravity irrigation. Center pivot systems are used in abundance out in the Mid West but they don’t give a perfect uniform distribution of water to all the crops and they leave corners that do not receive any water. Many new technologies are constantly being developed to better map the areas that need to irrigated so that we can grow more food with the same amount of land to feed a rapidly expanding population.

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