Fifer Orchards Field Trip


Traveling to Fifer Orchards is something I look forward to doing every fall. The many activities, pumpkin patches, wagon rides, goodies in the store, and the ultimate corn maze are just a few reasons I love going to Fifers each year. However, I was very naive to the process it is to run the large business and farm, and was unaware of the work so many people put in around the clock.  In starting off the trip in our trusty bus, Bobby Fifer took us around the farm and showed us the many sides of the farm I had never seen before. From growing apples and pumpkins, to corn and tomatoes, we got to see how they are planted and all the ingenuity it takes to keep the crops healthy. Rotating crops is an important part of running Fifers. I wasn’t aware, but before each season they have to sit down and assess what crops can and need to be rotated and where they should be placed. In doing this is reduces risk of diseases in the crops and increases the chances of doing well. Another thing I found interesting about Fifers was the way they planted their strawberries. A tractor went down each isle and poked holes equal distance apart, then the men sitting on the back of the tractor unpacked and placed the strawberry plants. This is a time efficient and successful way to plant crops that I had never seen before. I was very intrigued and thankful to see all of the hard work they put into the business, it was nice to see a family farm run that way. My favorite part of the trip however was getting to spend an extra hour and a half with some classmates enjoying the scenery of the farm from our broken down bus. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with my classmates, as well as the ride back to campus, and the DQ. This has been my favorite field trip so far, and definitely one to remember.


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