Iowa and California with Ed Kee

For our second lecture, Ed Kee discussed the agriculture industry in Iowa and California. Before this class I didn’t know much about agriculture. All I knew was that California and parts of the Midwest grew a lot of crops. I found it interesting to learn about the soil in Iowa. Ed Kee said that Iowa gets around 24-36 inches of a year. Also it has a nice climate throughout the year. Ed Kee also discussed the importance of the Port of Wilmington in Delaware. In the U.S., It is the number one seaport for imported bananas. One reason is because Delaware is within eight hours of one third of the U.S. population. With railroads and highways, such as I-95, it is easier to get products to many different parts of the country. The port creates 5,900 jobs and creates an annual business revenue of  $436 million. I enjoyed learning about the importance of Iowa’s and California’s agriculture industry.

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