Organic Poultry Farm Tour

Visiting Georgie Cartanza’s poultry farm was very interesting and eye opening. We learned how she is able to manage four chicken houses that grow up to 148,000 chickens total. They are grown organically and are the broiler type of chicken. Her farm produces over 5,000,000 pounds of poultry per year and that can feed up to almost 60,000 people for a full year. Technology has allowed farmers to have much more control of the environment to ensure that the chickens are as comfortable as possible. They can control the temperature, the water supply, and the feed supply through a central computer system and they can also monitor the houses for any changes and shortages. This allows farmers to raise more chickens that are more comfortable and reduce costs. Georgie Cartanza’s chickens are organically grown so they are antibiotic free by the time they are sent to the processing plant and they are also hormone and steroid free. It was interesting to see how all the doors of the chicken houses were open but it was rare to see any more than two chickens outside at a time. They also would not stay outside very long and would go back inside only after several minutes at the most.

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