Georgie Cartanza ~ Poultry Farm

When we had arrived at Mrs. Cartanzas poultry farm on Saturday the 22nd, she had given us an overview on the poultry industry and what made her want to go into the industry itself. For Georgie to put her chicken houses up it cost 1.5 million dollars to just put them up, thats not including any of the other things she needed to keep her houses up to par. Georgie had invested in something called an eco drum to help with her farm.  This eco drum is a more effective way to take care of manure, with this drum it has decreased her risk of bio-security by a lot. Georgie had said that she has a big list of new things she would like to invest in for her farm which included solar panels this of course will be after she pays off her chicken houses. She also plans to use these chicken houses to help pay for her childrens college education.Georgie had told us about how chickens are such and economic impact, the value of birds sold are at $3.2 billion dollars. The annual feed bill is $997 dollars this includes, 85.4 billion bushels of corn and 35.5 billion bushels of corn.

I would like to thank Georgie for the amazing time at her poultry farm, she definitely showed me the major differences between organic and conventional and she answered all of my unanswered questions. 

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