Ed Kee 1st Guest Lecture RePost

Re-posting to the Correct Blog Site: Guest Lecturer Mr. Ed Kee gave us a lecture on the Delaware agriculture industry and how it is an important producer of agricultural products for the United States.  This is large in part due to the fact that ⅓ of the US population is located within eight hours of Delaware. Delaware has 2,500 farms and 41 percent of its land mass is farms.  It surprised me that the Delmarva Poultry industry is a 2 billion dollar industry, but it is not surprising that including corn and soybeans that it is 75 percent of our agricultural sales.  I was unaware that tomatoes at one point were a large portion of our agricultural crop production. Mr. Ed Kee also spoke on some of the challenges that face the agriculture industry as the global population rises, such as the challenge to keep agriculture business profitable, and how by 2050 global agricultural production needs to be increased by 70 percent.

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