Georgie’s Poultry Farm

Class Field Trip 9/22/18
My visit to Georgie Cartanza’s farm was certainly an educational experience. I value the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to hear Georgie lecture to my sorority last year, as well as coming into our class for a guest lecture. Having the background knowledge of the poultry industry before the field trip was really worthwhile. I love that Georgie is so passionate about educating and agvocating, especially to students. I also love how Georgie describes her career as a journey. It’s comforting to see someone who is driven by their passion for their industry, and who has become very successful in doing so.

Being a food science student, I always look at the industry through a food safety lens. I thought it was incredible that it’s standard to suit up before entering the chicken houses in order to keep the birds safe. Something that also stuck out to me is how expensive a chicken house is to put up. It seems daunting especially for young farmers to make the choice to take the risk of getting into the industry. I also commend Georgie for always striving to better herself and her farm. I can’t say that this trip has changed my mind about exploring a career in the poultry industry, but I certainly learned a lot and understand why people like Georgie love what they do.

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