Poultry Farm Field Trip

The amount of respect I gained from understanding the amount of time, effort, and money that goes into the poultry industry is endless. When we arrived and Georgie gave us a brief overview of her farm and how she got to where she is now, allowed me to see that farming is a journey and doesn’t have an exact destination. Starting a farm from the ground up takes serious dedication and finances. It cost Georgie 1.5 million dollars to put up her chicken houses, just thinking about investing that amount of money in hopes your business works is a risky move. Another thing I found interesting in the financial aspect of farming was the constant investing in order to stay on top of business and to be successful. Georgie has had to invest in things such as the eco drum, in order to better her biosecurity, but won’t ever receive money back on her purchase. In buying the eco drum she bettered her farm, but won’t see money pay off. She has also already planned to have solar panels put in place once she has payed off her houses, in order to cut her current electricity bill of about 35,000 dollars a year. Overall, the insight we were given on this field trip was not only informational, but beneficial to students like me who are hoping to one day have this career. The knowledge gained from this experience was phenomenal, and I loved getting to look around the farm as well!

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