Michelle Walfred on Social Media and Agriculture

I found Miss Michele’s lecture to be eye-opening in one of her main points about how you must create a brand for yourself. This is the one takeaway that I found most important, partly because of where I am in my undergraduate career. Because I joined Sigma Alpha my freshman year, I’ve been lucky enough to have been mentored and guided by my peers and faculty with a focus on professional and career development. I know what not to post on social media and I’ve been lectured on how to be an Agvocate through various organizations I’m part of. I have been very mindful of my online presence, because I’ve had to be while representing a professional sorority. I have had a LinkedIn profile since my freshman year, and participate on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, but most of my posts and profiles are completely private to my friends. Because of Miss Michele, I actually created a Twitter profile to help stay in the news of Agriculture, especially in the food industry, as I’m a food science major. I have to say, I’m very surprised to see how active the Ag sector as a whole is on Twitter. I think it’s great and will continue to use it as a professional development tool. Thank you Michele!

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