Social Media Lecture

Ms. Michele Walfred’s lecture was very interesting and enlightening to me.  Personally I have never used social media very much so I came in with the mindset that social media is not something that I need to bother with or that has any positives associated with it.  With employers using social media more and more it does seem to be almost a necessary and universal skill that will be required. The fact that one in five applicants are disqualified by their social media accounts is very surprising to me, because that is a lot of people who are not considered right off the bat.  I learned that creating a personal brand that is consistent and realistic, but does not leave out the personal aspect can be extremely helpful, especially when applying for a job. Once you develop a social imprint it is very hard to erase, which is yet another reason to be careful what you post. It is also important to do your research on fake news, and to be an Agvocate who helps eliminate some of the false notions about the agriculture community.

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