Social Media and “AGvocating”: Guest Lecture by Michele Walfred

Social Media is huge in pop culture, but it’s also making an difference in the professional world. On September 12th, 2018 Michele Walfred gave a lecture on the importance of creating your own brand. Some advice Ms. Michele gave us was to keep your profiles consistent throughout different platforms. Using the same photo, tag line, and description can help employers and followers easily recognize your brand. If you post about issues on agriculture and then share an unrelated meme, this could discredit your validity.

Social Media can not only help you professionally, but it can allow people to Agvocate. “Agvocating” is a term that essentially means advocating for agriculture. It’s something that all students at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources should take part in, but there were some tips Ms. Michelle provided us. The first is to find a common ground. Many people can be mislead about agricultural topics, so finding something you have in common can make the encounter seem more personal. Once you’re on good terms, offering knowledge and an explanation on certain topics can help people understand the truth behind those false claims. Overall, its important to know that each person holds a unique brand, and we can use that brand to make a difference in agriculture!

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