Michele Walfred and Social Media

Being a skilled communicator has always been a way to have a leg up in real world industries. More recently communication though social media and how your portray yourself has been having an affect on people before they even step through the door for a face to face interview. The statistic that Michele Walfred shared about one in five applicants disqualifying themselves from an interview just because of how they show themselves through social media was eyeopening and gave me the idea that there are some changes I should be making. Some of these changes will be easy to make such as changing profile photos and creating a more detailed email signature while some may be more challenging. My first issue is inconsistency since my presence is non existent on some platforms such as Facebook and Google+ but prominent on others such as Instagram and Twitter. Making connections and building a strong network in your field via social media is very important in this day in age therefore it is critical that I put the time into building a brand for myself and portraying myself to the world as an agvocate.

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