Making Social Media Work for your Career-Brand and Agriculture

On September 12th, 2018 Michele Walfred came in and gave a lecture on Social media. The benefits that us as young adults can use it to help brand ourselves to make us look better to the company that wants to hopefully hire us. At first she began to explain to us about her and who she is, She has a BA, in Journalism with a MA, Digital Humanities. She also an administrator on several platforms from UDCANR to the MidAtlantic  Woman in Agriculture.  The thing I took away from here lecture was watch what you post about yourself and what your doing in that because it can effect your hiring process. Because if it shows that your bashing the company your working for does that make it look good for your next job when they pull that up. Also put only what you want to show how you “Brand” your self because if you have a embarrassing post as your wallpaper that’s what people are going to think about you. That post will follow you around for the rest of your life as well since its in your digital footprint. By doing these small things it will bring a better formal look on you instead of having bad things that can restrict the ways people look at you.

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