Georgie Catanza Guest Lecture

Growing up around the Delmarva Farming community I have had the opportunity to experience many different branches of agriculture, especially the Poultry industry. That being said I had quite of bit of prior knowledge to Georgie Catanza’s speech; however I did not know about the consumers views the way I do now. In the agriculture community there is a lot of different perceptions of production and specifically around animal production; from nutrition to animal treatment. With these different views Georgie did an excellent job of explaining the ignorance and how farmers can help teach the public that in reality the farmer wants best for their livestock just like the consumers because a happy animal is a productive animal. Georgie explained that most technology in the poultry industry has been developed for the welfare of the chicken such as tunnel ventilation to reach a comfortable environment for the chickens to live in. Then from the nutrition side technology has helped improve the efficiency of growing the chickens healthy with no exposure to hormones. Georgie’s lecture explained that the farmers really do care for their livestock and want to produce the best products for the consumers which is what the consumers want.

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