Michele Walfred Communication Lecture

I really enjoyed Michele’s talk because I realized how important social media is. I always try to watch what I post on social media but I realize now that much more can be found with just my name. I personally hate social media; I feel like it actually gets in the way of personal human interaction, however, now I realize that it could be the gateway into new possibilities. According to Michele’s lecture, if I want to “better my brand”, I need to rename a couple of my social media accounts, I need to do another sweep and make sure that I don’t have anything inappropriate on my social media, I also should probably even make separate accounts for all of my non-professional interests. I can’t promise that I will do all of those things, but I can promise that I listened and I respect what Michele does. I can also try following social media pages that interest me in what I want to do with my life so that hopefully I can get a foot in the door into the plant pathology research industry.

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