Ed Kee Delaware Food Shed Lecture

I really enjoyed learning about more of the history and Delaware’s importance in the agriculture industry from Ed Kee. I totally forgot that Nicholas Opair (spelling that wrong) won a contest from Napoleon to make canned foods. I also didn’t know that canned foods back then meant putting food in a jar and then basically roasting it in a fire. I also now realize why people were stilling getting sick because this method wasn’t full proof due to different times, temperatures, and packing materials. I also didn’t realize that the canning industry actually helped with nutrition because now poorer families could buy canned goods of more nutrition and the food wouldn’t go bad. I wish that still worked today because I still refuse to eat my vegetables! I also didn’t realize how far we have come with cleaning up the Delmarva water shed (Chesapeake Bay). Going from dumping legume waste into the canal to a decrease of 40% in the past 20 years is a pretty big improvement and I know with the help of laws and informing farmers the decrease of waste will grow even more.

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