Michele Walfred and Social Media Today

In today’s world, image is everything. With social media trending and encompassing every aspect of our lives, it’s important to be mindful of what we post and how we portray ourselves. This was the overlying theme of Michele Walfred’s lecture about presence, and building a professional persona or “brand”. She walked us through vital information that will help us as we work our way through college, landing internships and eventually jobs in the workforce. She described building yourself up in the same way as a brand or company; what do people think when they see you? She explained key ideas to using social media to build our brand in a positive way, such as having a professional twitter page, which is trending particularly in the agricultural industry.  She broke down the dos and do nots, emphasizing professional pictures, proper language, and to stay away from political banter. In the end, she came full circle and explained how to agvocate successfully. She showed us how to avoid fake news, how to express the facts in a professional manner, and how to create a positive brand for agriculture as well as ourselves. Ms. Michele’s lecture was a necessary one that impacted me greatly; given her background and well-rounded experience, I will be sure to hold onto her advice as I begin my journey through college and eventually into the workforce.

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