Building a Personal Brand, Social Media, and Ag Literacy with Michele Walfred

AGRI 130 students had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of networking and building a professional image online with Michele Walfred, a communications specialist for the University of Delaware.   The lecture covered the topics of professional social media, networking, and the perceptions of agriculture. Currently, individuals are expected to be on social media for professional and networking purposes. This modern expectation causes an emphasis on personal branding and self representation. A great piece of advice from this portion of the lecture was to be professional at all times on social media affiliated with your name.It can be useful to have a separate account that is not under your name for personal subjects such as politics, sports, and family pictures. Mixing personal and professional posts on one account can cause you to lose job opportunities, connections, and followers. On the subject of networking, it is important to connect with people in person, give people your undivided attention, and  be active in conversation. Networking in person is just as important as networking online. Agriculture is a science that the public has a lot of misconceptions about. It is important for agriculturalists to share accurate knowledge and educate the public. Some sources on the internet share incorrect information about agriculture. It is important to check the credibility of sources and articles on the internet. The spread of misinformation causes confusion on the credibility of farmers and the products they produce. Thank you to Michele Walfred for sharing knowledge of social media, and personal branding with AGRI 130.

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