Poultry Industry – Georgie Cartanza

Listening to Georgie Cartanza guest lecture in class on the Delaware poultry industry as well as her poultry farm was very informative. She touched on many different topics ranging from how Delaware became such a powerhouse for the poultry industry, specifically broilers, to how this industry has made many advancements over the years. I was very surprised as to how much the Delmarva actually produces each year, compared to the national annual production. Georgie also then touched on some of the hardships with being in the poultry industry, including the wide misconception that as farmers we pump our flocks full of all sorts of chemicals and steroids. This was something I was not surprised to hear. Coming from a farming family, I am very familiar with the poultry industry as we too raise organic broilers as a part of our business. I can very much relate with the frustration of this misconception. However, like Georgie I can also relate to the instinctive need to educate consumers as to what we actually do as producers. Georgie offered great advice as to how to accomplish this, and how to connect to your consumers. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Georgie guest lecture.

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