Michele Walfred and Social Media


Recently, Michele Walfred gave a lecture about the positive and negative aspects of social media usage. Technology today is different than what it used to be 40 years ago. Having a Facebook and/or Instagram may be great to help your business grow or even get your name out there but what you post can affect interviews with future employers. One major thing that Michele talked about was watch what you post on social media. What you may think is funny at that moment can come back around and bite you. Kids today post whatever they want not knowing the consequences of their actions. There will be times when you go to a apply for a job that you may have more experience than the other candidates do, but when and if the employer searches for you online and finds a picture of you passed from drinking or something you said that they don’t agree with then they won’t hire you because it will fall back on them. Having a personal social media account is good but keep it at a certain level of professionalism. For instance, try and stay away from political posts because your view point may be different than the employers. Finally, social media is a good way to connect with people all over. But sometimes we get too caught up in the electronic world that we forget how to communicate face to face. When you connect in person it shows the other person you are interested and that you may have some similarities, its more personal.

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