Guest Speaker Georgie Cartanza on the Evolution of the Poultry Industry of Delmarva

Being from Sussex County Delaware, I went into this guest lecture thinking that I knew all there was to know about the the poultry industry, little did I know that Georgies insights would enhance my knowledge and understanding of such a vital part of our states agriculture and economy.  One of the most interesting things that Georgie taught us was the evolution of the modern day chicken house, and how the structure and design of the coop has drastically changed over to benefit the birds that reside in them.  The majority of people believe that chickens and their anatomical structure have changed over time due to hormones and steroids, but Georgie taught the class that chickens have changed over time due to selective breeding which combats one of the worse stereotypes about poultry farmers and their animals. The new technologies in modern chicken coops have aided farmers in their attempt at keeping chickens maintained with less manual effort and creates a more effective and efficient way of keeping the chickens in a comfortable environment. These technologies include automatic pan feeders, nipple waterers, changes in heating, and tunnel ventilation.

The most important thing that could’ve been gained from this lecture is the skill of being able to make your own opinions on something. Every opinion that you have should be a well informed one, and that applies to all aspects of life. Although, it does specifically apply to this guest lecture. Many people are under the assumption that farmers are not advocates of animal welfare but in reality they do so much to make the animals standard of living as excellent as possible. Being open minded even when you think you know what is right or wrong is essential when gaining new information on any subject matter, regardless of your present stance on said subject matter. Thank you Georgie Cartanza for taking the time to come further the knowledge of the students in the AGRI 130 class at UD, we all look forward to visiting your farm in the near future.

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