Georgie Cartanza and the Evolution of the Poultry Industry

Growing up with great grandparents in the poultry industry, I was always fascinated by how big the chicken houses were and loved to play with the baby chicks as they arrived on the farm. Being so young however, I never understood the depth of the industry and all that it took to run facilities like my great grandfathers, until today. During our lecture, Georgie Cartanza brought to light the investment, strategic, and timely manner the poultry industry revolves around. I was specifically interested in one date on the timeline, 1948-1949, which was the beginning of the Chicken of Tomorrow Contest. This was where people from all over began to breed chickens with a purpose of benefiting the farms cost efficiency. This  goes hand in hand with the new technology in place for chicken houses. The amount of technological advances made in recent years have greatly benefitted farms just like Georgie Cartanza’s. It allows farmers to see the temperature in which the house is at and allows them to manage it, as well as controlling feeding and waterers for the animals, which in turn gives the power to the farmer. In having these advances it not only allows the farmer complete control over what they do, but it gives them the piece of mind that the poultry industry is making a conscience effort to better the community and land around it, which was one of Georgie Cartanza’s lessons to take home.

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