Georgie Cartanza and Organic Poultry

Born and raised just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, the term “Delmarva” was foreign to me. I was unaware that Delaware, Maryland and Virginia all played such prevalent roles in the production of poultry. Georgie Cartanza shared this, along with many other facts regarding organic poultry farming and sustainability, in her presentation. She laid a solid foundation of the history and understanding of today’s poultry farming, leading right into issues involving sustainability and organic farming. She fact-checked many myths for us, and it was interesting to hear her disprove so much false information from the internet. Perhaps the most interesting part of her presentation was when she got into supporting a population of 9-10 billion people by the year 2050. She explained that organic farming will simply not be efficient enough to support everyone. Furthermore, she got into how poultry is one of the more efficient food sources: the feed conversion ratio for chickens is a mere 1.7 in comparison to beef cattle’s whopping 6.8. As a whole, Georgie painted a bold argument in support of chicken farming across the world, and proved just how big of a role it will play in the future.

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