Michele Walfred’s Lecture on Social Media

The lecture that was given by Michele Walfred was about social media. Today’s people especially whose age is below 45 utilizes social media everyday. The development of society cannot without social media. In the past, social media was more used for contacting, and entertainment, however, it gradually expand the purposes now. Media has been an important tool to spread information. Also, entrepreneurs create their company reputation through the media. Lots of example represents that media has been an mainly way to announce a new brand. When people realize a new brand,  they usually search online first too. It benefits us a lot, however, some people use media without care. For example, students attack others online and use bad attitude. These bad record may found by their  future companies. Therefore, a good attitude and habit to review online is important. Mrs. Walfred said we should ensure our social media is consistent. Overall, It will bring benefits if I use it appropriately.

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