Mark Davis gave the lecture about the horse racing industry in Delaware. Racing industry can be traced back to the 12 century. The British settlers brought horse racing  to the U.S in 1665, and the first horse track was in Long Island. I realized that racing industry is one of the oldest competition of all sports. As the technology developed, horse racing industry were decaying and the amount of competition was decreasing. I learned that horse was divided into two kind of species that are thoroughbreds horses and harness horses. Usually, the cost of thoroughbreds horses are more expensive than harness horses, and harness horses race more than thoroughbreds horses. Besides, horse racing industry increases the job opportunities, such as horseman, competitors, driver, trainer and managers. Partly as a result, it promotes economic progress and can help to reserve the old cultural. I am interested in riding horse because I thought it is a kind of exciting sport. I am pleasure to hear the lecture from Mark Davis about such professional knowledge.

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