Food Labeling

Nowadays, lots of foods are labeled with GMO, however, there was a doubt that should we utilize this kind of labels, and whether  GMOs food benefit for human or not.   With GMO food labels, we could know more details about our food, and we have right to know it. It helps specific groups of people to make a decision whether to buy that food or not. For example, it will be more easily for vegetarians, vegans and people who has special religions to determine if GMO food with animal DNA.  However, there are also some disadvantages about labeling GMO.   These labels may lead that people have difficulty on deciding GMO food. On the one hand, They may think GMO food represent a kind of unhealth, and then lead to the decrease of sales volume; but on the other,  it will make GMO labeling system become expensive and caused the companies’ interest. Although consumers are easily to determine the food ingredients and determine if it is GMO food, there are part of groups who are not familiar with the true implications. They usually think GMO food with labeling represent a kind of warning to them. With GMO labeling, it let some people misunderstand that food with GMO label is not healthy, but actually, there is no such conclusion or evidence show that non-GMO will hurt people.

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