Tracy Wootten and Valann Budischak’s Lecture on Delaware’s Green Industry

Most people go to the garden center and buy a plant or flower without even thinking about where it came from, myself included. In 2014, Horticultural product sales were at a whopping $21,774,000. A lot of water and time goes into growing each plant sold anywhere. A tree can take up to years to grow to the right height for it to be sold. I also had no idea that the medians in-between highways were maintained. I drive by nature all the time and never realize that someone made sure it looked that way to make it look presentable. Sometimes they even let it grow naturally and it may look overgrown but the plant is thriving. The land managers that control the sides of the highways just want to make sure there are no invasive species destroying our native plants. There is even a regulatory program called Delaware Livable Lawns that certifies homeowners and lawn care companies that apply fertilizer in an environmentally-friendly way while educating them. It is good to know people are still keeping in mind the potential impacts we could have on the environment and trying to prevent more chemicals going into the environment than what is needed.

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