Mark Davis’s Lecture on the Horse Racing Industry

Mark Davis gave us a great overview of how the horse industry got started and the logistics of the industry itself. I learned that horse racing is one of the oldest of all sports. Horse racing also used to be the second most attended US spectator sport after baseball in 1989. Shockingly to most, the horse racing industry is not just for the wealthy. In fact, most people involved in the industry in some way have a middle-class income. Unfortunately, with the many improvements in technology, horse racing is declining because people would rather gamble online or go to the casinos. To try to bring back the industry, they added casinos to the horse tracks in Delaware. But, other states adjacent to Delaware had their own casinos that caused competition with Delaware casinos at the horse track that takes a toll on the horse racing industry. It was good to see that they take the welfare of the horse very seriously with drug testing anyone that would be stepping on the track. They even drug test the horse to make sure they were not giving something to enhance their performance. I hope in the future people will return back to the horse tracks to gamble the old fashion way rather than go to casinos that don’t give you the same experience.

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