Michele Walfred’s Lecture on Social Media

Social media is a big part of our generation now that not many people realize that it is not only used for fun, it is being used professionally to brand yourself for future employment. Not only do employers look at your resume but since social media is used so frequently now, they look at how you portray yourself with anything you post on any platforms. Say you have a picture on social media with an alcoholic beverage and you are equal in academic performance with another person who posts pictures about volunteering at a children’s hospital. The company you are applying to would much rather take a chance on someone posting pictures about volunteering rather than someone partying every day. I like how Michelle put up a picture of Tom Brady and said, what do you think of this? It makes you think about how image means everything and if you ever get a bad image, it is hard for people to forget it. Michelle said to always make sure your social media is consistent and anything not appropriate is not attached to your real name that employers could potentially see when they google you before you are interviewed.

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