Guest Lecturer: Georgie Cartanza

Our first guest lecturer in class was Ms. Georgie Cartanza and what a way to start off this awesome semester! Ms. Cartanza came to present to us the evolution of the poultry industry in the Delmarva area. She started off by talking a little bit about the Delmarva Poultry Industry itself and the economic impact it has on Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. For every one job in the poultry industry it creates 7 jobs in the community!

If there was one part of this lecture I think everyone should see it would be the progression of poultry growing facilities especially since the agricultural industry’s biggest challenge is maintaining a positive image to the public. Ms. Cartanza talked about additions to poultry houses like, changes in heating, tunnel ventilation, nipple waterers all of which improve living conditions for poultry. Today’s consumer wants to know if their food is humanely produced, if it is safe to eat and if the environment has been harmed in the process. This presentation is great for anyone who doesn’t know much about the poultry industry and the agricultural industry. Ms. Cartanza was so personable, she talked to us about her own story and how she ended up owning her own organic poultry farm! One thing she stressed is you never know where you’re going to end up  so work hard but don’t pass up opportunities to learn, she never imagined herself running her own poultry farm!

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