Delaware’s Green Industry

Delaware’s green industry brung in a crazy $21,774,000 in the year 2014. People involved in the industry consist of producers,retailers, landscapers as wells several others. In the industry, containerized nursery products lead at a whopping %62.4. In the means of grower sales nursery crops produce $8 billion and floriculture crops produce $4.8 billion. Over the years, DE cash recipients of greenhouse/nursery has risen from $16,615,000 in 2008 to $21,774,000 in 2014. Some of the green industry’s retailers compose of garden centers, East Coast Garden Center or Ronnys Garden World. While most of the percentage of household bought items consist of 51% also mentioned in the presentation was DELDOT, the largest landholder in the state of Delaware. There job is too maintain along railroads or maintain invasive weeds throughout our state, keepin it looking  at a ugh standard. One thing that really caught my eye was the use of trees or plants used as windbreakers or privacy screens for poultry house.

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