De Horse Racing Industry

Horse racing is one of the worlds oldest sports first starting in the 12 century, when in 1665 British settlers brought to america and the first horse track in the U.S was in Long Island .Now in today’s world there is 9.2 million horse in the world, with a total of 2 million people owning horses. Horse racing is a huge economic producer  $102 billion impact on the economy. Delaware racing started in 1760 when a race track was built in the town of Newark, the in 1934 the Delaware Racing Commision was put into effect. Tracks began to open in Delaware Park, Branywine, then at Dover Delaware today, there are 4,300 standardbread horses with  average value of $16,00 ad 1,800 thoroughbreads with a average value of $19,000. On a average a first place win will give outa total $50,000.,5% to the driver and 5% to the trainer. A total amount of 43.5% of DD funds go to State General FUnd while 42.5% of HRI go to the states funds.

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