The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly about Food Labeling

Food Labeling has been a hot topic in recent years, with extremists and protestors on either side of argument. Neither side ever seems to want to listen to the other, and this leads to distrust and miscommunication. Food labeling sounds like a simple request- label what ingredients are in our food, so that we can make a conscious decision about our food choices and health outcomes. Food labeling can also aid those who have allergies or specific food regulations and restrictions. However, food labeling can be destructive and have negative impacts on farmers and the food industry as a whole. Because of the recent craze regarding GMOs, and organic food products, food labeling unnecessarily can mislead consumers and cost farmers money. Because there is controversy about GMOs, and a lack of education and understanding of them by the general public, food marketers and behavioral psychologists can use GMOs and their “buzz” to sway consumers into buying certain products over others. Something labeled GMO free, does not mean that something without a label has GMOs in it. This misguidance leads to not only uneducated decisions, but economically irresponsible decisions. Only 2% of the population are farmers, and if they cannot provide for their family, the entire agricultural system can collapse.

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