Positives and Negatives of Food Labeling

With the talk of labeling foods that contain GMOs and what is exactly in those GMOs has started to become a real controversial topic. With this, there are both sides to argue why labeling foods that have been helped with GMOs are positive and negative effects. Starting with the negatives, with food labeling, people can now see what actually goes into the food they are eating. People would become more judgmental on the food they buy due to the additional facts that would be added to the food labeling. This could hurt a company’s product sales if someone were to not like the GMO used in the food as some GMOs are said they are causes of cancer and other diseases. From a positive standpoint, food labeling can help a consumer make a better choice on their food and eat healthier. For the companies making the food, they could increase their prices of food since labeling the more specifics of their food means that more time and effort has to go into their product, increasing the price. Overall, the person that will decide weather food labeling is good or not is the consumer. They are the only one that matters since that food label going on their food is there for them and depending on how they take it is going decide if that product will sell in the market or not.

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