Food Labeling

Nowadays America faces a huge obesity epidemic that has reached a record high. It’s undeniable that America needs to address this issue and make some serious changes to the eating habits of Americans.  The initiate has recently taken places to make changes to food labeling, however, this has brought both positives and negatives.  People deserve to know how and with what their food is made.  Correct food labeling allows consumers to make their food decisions easier, however, this may cause consumers to be more selective.   GMO’s are very controversial and some people may stray away from food products that have it on the label.  People could interpret GMO labeling as a warning what people don’t know is genetically modified are safe to eat. Food labeling gives consumers the information they should know.  It also gives consumers the peace of mind, many people have food allergies thus people require the acknowledgment of if their food is made gluten-free.  It’s all relative to who are you and how you perceive your food.

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