Food Labeling: GMO’s

When it comes to labeling foods most consumers want to know what’s in it.  If GMO’s were being labeled onto foods, this allows for consumers to know that this food is made of GMO’s.  GMOs are a highly controversial subject and the main reason why people have issues with GMO’s is because they lack knowledge on the subject. This is perceived as a negative side of food labeling, when one see’s “This food was made with GMO’s” consumers not knowing what exactly the product is will either carelessly buy it or just put it back because they don’t agree with GMO’s.  If consumers had knowledge that GMO’s are beneficial and if the food is labeled stating GMO’s made this product, then this creates a consumer and farmer relationship.  Consumers will trust a product that has correct labeling thus allowing for farmers to produce more product and make more money.  I feel that GMO’s should be integrated into food labeling so that consumers know exactly what their getting and as well understand that this is providing more variety.  From regular food, to organic, to all natural, and lastly being to GMO-made food.

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