The Horse Racing Industry

Mark Davis presented the lecture on The Horse Racing Industry in Delaware.  As soon as I saw the powerpoint on this topic I instantly thought of my dad. My dad used to spend his free weekends at a race track and I always wondered why I couldn’t go with him.  Now I understand that it’s not the type of race track that I thought it was where you can interact and ride the horses, instead it’s a place where adults go to place bets on horses. Of course, there’s more to just that but I wasn’t aware of everything that goes into this industry until this lecture.   I thought it was interesting seeing the breakdown of the money purses.  I always have associated the top three winners to win some type of share of the prize but the horse industry rewards the top 5.  However, with all the money that is involved, I learned that this is why people in the industry have the incentive to cheat.  After this lecture I made sure to tell my dad about it, I was hoping I could tell him something he wouldn’t know about the industry but he knew it all.

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