Guest Speaker: Ed Kee

I enjoyed Ed Kee’s guest lecture about Delaware Agriculture. He gave us a very vital insight into Delaware Agriculture and how it affects the rest of our country. I loved learning the details about Delaware, and how it compares to other Agriculturally Innovative States such as California. Ed Kee not only gave us statistics regarding present day Delaware Agriculture, but the history of Agriculture in the U.S. as a whole. He walked us through the colonial Period and how Agriculture has transformed over the years economically and efficiency wise in the country. I thought that the organization of the lecture was interesting. Ed Kee first focused on Delaware Agriculture by “zooming into” Delaware and looking at its specific economic inputs and outputs, and then connected it to the rest of the United States! Ed Kee had a wealth of knowledge and shared it well. I feel like I am better connected to the farmers in Delaware after being educated about their common misconceptions, achievements, past, present, and possible futures.

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