Guest Lecture: Ed Kee

On September 18th, we had the pleasure of receiving a lecture from former Delaware Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Kee. We learned about the history of Agriculture in Delaware, and got an in-depth look at Delaware’s importance as a food shed. What was most shocking to me was learning that Delaware’s number one industry is agriculture! When many people think of Delaware, they think of a place known for tourism surrounding our beaches, as well as the tax-free shopping that DE offers. Though if you take a closer look, it makes sense that the number one industry is agriculture – almost 50% of all land in Delaware is farmland! Not to mention, one third of the entire US population is within a 10-hour drive of Delaware – from New York City, to Baltimore, to Washington D.C., and almost every major city along the east coast. This makes it a perfect place for agriculture, as we are able to help provide fresh food to a substantial portion of the country. Overall, we were incredibly lucky to talk with a man who has experience in practically every field of agriculture that Delaware has to offer.

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