Experience from the Delaware’s Green Industry Lecture

In the Delaware Green Industry in 2014 the Horticultural Product sale was  $21,711,000.  This number has a lot of hard work behind it with the producer, retailer, landscapers, land managers, golf courses, and suppliers of equipment.  The plants begin in a nursery either a Floriculture crop which is garden plants and the nursery crops which is trees and shrubs. The nursery crops bring in approximately 8.0 billion dollars while the floriculture crops bring in apprximently 4.8 billion dollars totaling up to 13.8 billion dollars. From 2008 greenhouse and nursery receipts were selling at about 16,615,000 but in 2014 sales went up to 21,774,000. Some of the retailers that assist to the Green Industry are large hardware and home improvement stores with garden centers, local and family-owned garden stores, and landscapers. State Parks and Forests also make sure that their environment is pleasant to the eye and is healthy, along with state programs like DELDOT who are the largest landowners in the world who want to do something with roadways and make them more appealing and relaxing for drivers and incoming and passing traffic. The overall goal is to create something appealing and keep it that way to draw a second glance and want someone to be coming back for more

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