Mark Lyna’s GMO Speech

At the Oxford farming Conference in 2013 Mark Lyna’s speech was very persuasive and interesting. From the beginning Mark was Anti GMO, he felt that it was unnecessary and not right to put genes into our food supply. He concluded that it was unnatural! Ironically after conducting further into the topic, Mark made a complete change in his perspective to pro GMO due to a plentitude of different reasons. Felt that politicians painted a perception of GMO as the Frankenstein of the Industry, it turns out that the “Frankenstein” wasn’t the GMO but our reaction to something new. Evidence has consistently proven that GMO is safe and inflicts minimal damage to crops. In a crucial time where we as a country need to feed approximately 9.5 billion people by 2050, we need to accept the new advancements in technology and use it to our advantage! We as a nation simply need to produce food and GMO can be a major contributor to ending a lot of starved impoverished citizens. The only problem seems to be the politicians as they are delaying this technology and not letting it progress, this is in my opinion is a huge mistake. GMO has so many positive attributes to it as it proves to increase crop yield, nutrient levels, and drought resistance! It also is believed to be the only form of technology that can reduce nitrogen pollution! So as you can see the positive attributes definitely outweigh the negatives, and the main goal is to make sure we keep our nation fed!


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