Wonderful Trip to Fifer’s Orchard

On the September 23 in 2017, I experienced a wonderful field trip in the Fifer’s Orchard. Fifer’s Orchard is a family farm that has been developing since 1900s. Until today, It is fourth generation who operates farm very successfully. I went to a vineyard 5 years ago. Compared with the vineyard I saw, Fifer’s Orchard really has lots of improvements in terms of technology and varieties of products.

The farm grows lots of fruits and crops, such as cauliflower, sweet corn, apples, strawberries and kale. When we took the bus through the farm, I learned how planting bed and drip tube irrigation system to ensure crops are watered sufficiently and reduce the rate of diseases. Also, I saw tomatoes were planted in the high tunnel that are composed of special plastic to maintain a cool temperature.  Besides, I learned about CSA club that provides fresh fruits to local store cooperates with the Fifer’s Orchard.

Finally, the most exciting experience was that there  was a store to sell fresh fruits, baked cakes and verity of jams to the consumers. I would say the apple cider is really nice! I hope I will go to the store another time before Halloween.

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