Fifer Orchards

Unfortunately I was not able to make the field trip, however I have lived in Camden Wyoming Delaware my whole life and I have toured the farm before. Fifer Orchards is a family farm, which just started to be 300 acres of land in 1919 by Charles Frederick Fifer, and then later grew to be what is now 2,500 acres of land for the fourth generation. Looking at this farm one can acknowledge how well the family has kept the legacy going with high quality produce that’s accessible and affordable.  Fifer’s is especially known for their apples and peaches. Each year their peach ice cream is the highlight of the annual Peach Festival.  I remember touring the farm a while back and being able to pick an apple right off the tree; it was as big as a softball. I remember biting it and hearing the soft but crisp bite. I remember learning all about Fifer’s crops and Delaware’s rich soil which is good for draining. They are on the leading edge of farming with no G.M.O.’s and teaming up with C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) exchanging high quality produce locally. Being able to reach anyone in the United States within eight hours, the farm is efficient and accessible and is the sweet spot of farming and raising a company.

This is the original store that has been there since the farm started. I definitely recommend the apple cider slushies!

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